That Didn’t Go Well

24 May 2016

A little over a year after moving to HostGator, I’ve moved once again. I thought the hosting service would be an improvement over GoDaddy, which I had used for years. Instead, it was the same and an email spam nightmare.

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Time for A New Political Party?

2 November 2015

In the 1850's, the Whig Party, who had previously seen two of its candidates elected president, fell apart because of deep internal divisions. Many of it members switched to the newly created Republican Party. Some moved to the short lived American Party while others quit politics altogether. Today, we are seeing divisions in the Republican Party and a declining membership. Should it fail to win the presidency in 2016, will it be the end of the party at the national level?

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Time for a Change

9 February 2015

I’ve had my websites on GoDaddy for fifteen plus years. For most of my stay there, I had no real problems, but, lately, I started noticing slow response times on one of my websites. I was also in the process of rewriting a site using Ruby on Rails. GoDaddy doesn’t support it. It was time to move

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Keep Your Hand In

25 January 2014

After about a year of enthusiastic fiction writing, I quit. I was tapped out. I couldn’t think of any new stories or flesh out the ones that I had. The ones that I had completed were still rough drafts. I couldn’t see anyway to improve them. I became frustrated and didn’t think I had it in me to be a writer, but I didn’t quit writing.

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Command Line Importing with Day One

18 January 2014

Before I started using Day One to do my journaling, I made entries in a Microsoft Word document. Once I decided I was going to stay with the application, I wanted to import all my older entries so they would all be in one place. There is an automated import option, but it only supports MacJournal and Momento the last time I checked. I had to find another way. Cutting and pasting directly into the app a day at a time was out of the question as I had three and half years of daily entries. That’s when I looked into Day One command line option.

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It Was a Very Good Year

29 January 2013

The song It Was a Very Good Year was written by Ervin Drake for the Kingston Trio, but it was Frank Sinatra that made it famous. The lyrics reminisce about different periods in a man’s life and the women he encountered. Are there very good years in your life or, if not good, significant ones? I’ll start with the ones in the song.

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Train of Thought

22 January 2013

One problem I’ve had when I sit down to write is that my mind wanders off to other things. Instead of forcing myself back to waiting for a writing subject to come to me, I decided to take advantage of my wanderings as a writing exercise.

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Still Kicking

15 January 2013

Just when I thought I was completely tapped out on ideas for blog entries, I’ve written a couple more. It must have been the lack of pressure that got the creative juices going. It’s too late in my publishing schedule to get one out this week so I’m just putting up this note.

I Thought I Had More to Say

8 January 2013

New Years brings resolutions. They usually involve starting something or doing more of it. In the case of some bloggers, it is a time to stop.

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Merry Christmas

25 December 2012

Who wants to read a blog on Christmas or New Years? Happy holidays to everyone.