Time for A New Political Party?

2 November 2015

In the 1850's, the Whig Party, who had previously seen two of its candidates elected president, fell apart because of deep internal divisions. Many of it members switched to the newly created Republican Party. Some moved to the short lived American Party while others quit politics altogether. Today, we are seeing divisions in the Republican Party and a declining membership. Should it fail to win the presidency in 2016, will it be the end of the party at the national level?

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Merry Christmas

25 December 2012

Who wants to read a blog on Christmas or New Years? Happy holidays to everyone.



It Snuck Up on Me

12 August 2012

When I first started writing on a daily basis, doing anything creative with it never entered my mind. I had just wrapped up my long career in Information Technology and was free to do whatever I pleased. Doing nothing was a concern so I started a day book thinking the shame of saying I did nothing day to day would keep me active. It started out like this: Read the rest of this entry »

Crash Course

4 August 2012

I am on a crash course. I’d like to think my life is careening about wildly from one hair raising experience to another destined for an tragic end in a wild and fiery crash, but unfortunately not. Instead, the crash course is learning to be a creative writer. The raison d’être or reason for being of this blog is to document that process.

It’s a crash course because I’m getting a late start. I spent a long career in another field and it’s only since I left it that I’ve become serious about creative writing. As such, I don’t have decades to hone my skills. I’m also aware that it will take a lot of writing on my part before I can produce anything of merit. I would love to write a best selling novel, what writer wouldn’t, but I know that it would be a disappointment as a first effort. It’s something that I need to work up to.

I invite you to take part in my learning process or just in the parts that interest you. Perhaps you’re starting out as well. Hopefully, my experiences can be of some assistance. Maybe a few of them will be hair raising.