Command Line Importing with Day One

18 January 2014

Before I started using Day One to do my journaling, I made entries in a Microsoft Word document. Once I decided I was going to stay with the application, I wanted to import all my older entries so they would all be in one place. There is an automated import option, but it only supports MacJournal and Momento the last time I checked. I had to find another way. Cutting and pasting directly into the app a day at a time was out of the question as I had three and half years of daily entries. That’s when I looked into Day One command line option.

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Tools of the Trade

20 November 2012

Does writing have any tools of the trade anymore? When writing first started, writers quite literally had tools: the hammer and chisel. For the more mundane, there was the stylus and the clay tablet. Writers were probably pretty particular about the chisel they used to write on stone tablets. One mistake and you had to start all over again. The quality of the stone was important too. You might whip out a rough draft in sandstone, but if you wanted it to last there was nothing like granite.

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Books on Writing

23 October 2012

Whenever I want to learn something new, I look for a books on the subject. In the case of writing, I first started searching the Internet for recommendations. There are several good lists out there. Here is one of them. So far, I finished four books on the subject. Here are my thoughts.

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Planning Your Novel in Scrivener

18 September 2012

I’m working on a novel length piece of writing and I’m stuck. I have a beginning and an end written, but am bogged down in moving the story between those two points. I needed a way to layout and plan the story’s progress to aid me in filling in the missing pieces. Since I’m writing the piece using Scrivener, I figured there must be a feature to help me do that. This article is about what I found and how I used it.

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Writing Apps

20 August 2012

In over a little more than a year, I’ve gone through several writing applications as my needs changed. I also switched from a PC to a Mac. The change was unrelated to writing, but did give me access to some great apps that aren’t available on the PC. This is a brief overview of the software I used. Read the rest of this entry »