Keep Your Hand In

25 January 2014

After about a year of enthusiastic fiction writing, I quit. I was tapped out. I couldn’t think of any new stories or flesh out the ones that I had. The ones that I had completed were still rough drafts. I couldn’t see anyway to improve them. I became frustrated and didn’t think I had it in me to be a writer, but I didn’t quit writing.

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Still Kicking

15 January 2013

Just when I thought I was completely tapped out on ideas for blog entries, I’ve written a couple more. It must have been the lack of pressure that got the creative juices going. It’s too late in my publishing schedule to get one out this week so I’m just putting up this note.

I Thought I Had More to Say

8 January 2013

New Years brings resolutions. They usually involve starting something or doing more of it. In the case of some bloggers, it is a time to stop.

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Making Yourself a Deadline

18 December 2012

I recently read that 95% of all blogs are abandoned. I abandoned one myself on a different subject. So I feel even a few months of blog entries on this blog makes me a survivor. I’ve also found that it has a nice side benefit.

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Writing Prompts

11 December 2012

In browsing the web on the subject of writing, I had seen links to sites of writing prompts, but never looked into them as I was doing pretty good without them at the time. Last week, while reading my Twitter feed, I saw a post for a writing prompt. It suggested writing from the point of view of an object involved in the story. I loved the idea and immediately wrote one. I decided another look at writing prompts was warranted.

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A Roller Coaster Affair

27 November 2012

I’ve only been doing serious creative writing for a few months and already it has become a roller coaster affair. On 11 September, I was enthusiastically celebrating my launch into creative writing with great plans for short stories and a novel. Two months later on 6 November, I was celebrating how I overcame a writing slump and great productivity was ahead of me. It didn’t last.

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My Writing Routine

13 November 2012

I’ve only been writing extensively on a regular basis for about seven months now. It took a lot less time than that to settle into a routine that works well for me. The three factors I addressed were time, frequency, and location.

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You Should Complain

6 November 2012

Are you at a loss as to what to write? Is your current work uninspiring? Well, you should complain. You should bitch and moan and get it off your chest. Do it at your keyboard. That’s what I did and it felt great.

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Creating a Story

9 October 2012

For some writers, thinking of new story ideas may be easy. For me, it’s a struggle. I’m new at it so maybe it’s my approach. I sit down and try to think how a story might begin. A few interesting scenarios have come to me, but the problem is that I don’t know where to take them or they’re boring hero saves damsel in distress plots.

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Giving Your Work a Time Out

25 September 2012

Have you ever edited something you wrote and knew it could be better, but just couldn’t see how? Maybe it needs a time out.

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