San Juan Islands

It's Really Not Much

This is my personal web site. I've had it since the 90's. It has grown and shrunk over that time. I don't do much on it as I spend my time working on my other web site or those of others. Don't let that stop you from looking around. You might find the blog to be interesting. It started out about writing, but now is diverging into anything in which I might have an interest.

Site News

14 Jan 2015
I'm moving! This site and are in the process of being moved to a new provider. I'm converting amcolan from the Symfony framework to Ruby on Rails at the same time. Once the move is complete, I'll be adding new content to this site. As some point, my photography site will be dropped. I still do photography, just not as a profession.
4 Aug 2012
The blog has now gone live. The fist post explains why I'm writing it. I had been thinking about starting it for awhile, but I didn't want to begin without a queue of posts ready to go. Once you create a blog, you should post to it on a regular basis.
26 May 2012
After about fifteen years since this site's inception, I've finally done a complete redesign. A lot of the pages from the old version are missing from this one. Some of the old content will be back.